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General Information
Full Name: Teyla Emmagan
Nickname(s): Mom, Jana (Athosian term of endearment)
DOB/Age: 22nd November 1972
Species: Human
Nationality: Athosian
Homeworld/Birthplace: Athos
Marital Status: in a relationship
Known Relatives: Mother Tagan, father Torren and surrogate grandmother Charin (all deceased); son Torren John, lover and father of her child Kanaan.
Occupation/Position: Once the proud leader of the Athosian people, Teyla is now an Athosian liaison and guide to the Atlantis Expedition, and part of the 1st Atlantis Recon Team under John Sheppard.
Service Branch:
Base Of Operations: City of the Ancestors, also the mainland of M35-117.

PB: Rachel Luttrell
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light brown to auburn, shoulder-length
Distinguishing Marks/ Features:

Background Information
Personality: Teyla is strong and has good instincts. She's both a natural leader and diplomat. She is wary of strangers and prudent, but she is also fair and open-minded. She’s shown great resolve and loyalty, and is of an empathic nature.
Despite her reluctance to live away from her own people and to go back to her team after giving birth to her son, she does so because she feels it is where lies their best chance to fight and eventually beat the Wraith.

History: Teyla first encountered the Tau'ri in 2004, when a team from Atlantis arrived on her home planet in hopes of finding a ZPM to power the city, or a safe place to evacuate the Atlantis expedition before the energy field protecting the submerged city failed. Teyla formed an immediate bond with John Sheppard, a member of the team, who, unlike their military leader Marshall Sumner, put her at ease and made a real attempt at friendship. Teyla and the other Athosians were surprised to hear that the Atlantis team came from a world untouched by the Wraith.
Teyla led Sheppard to the nearby Ancient city, despite her people's belief that entering the city would bring the Wraith. Sheppard recovered a necklace Teyla lost as a child and shortly after, the Wraith attacked. It was later discovered that the necklace was a beacon for the Wraith.
In the Wraith attack, Teyla saved Sheppard from being beamed up by the Wraith, but was captured along with Colonel Sumner and several other Athosians. Sheppard attempted a daring rescue and Teyla was brought to Atlantis with the other Athosian refugees. Teyla joined Sheppard's team and quickly became at ease with the other members of the expedition.
The Athosians remained in Atlantis for a while but eventually became uncomfortable with the humans from Earth and distrust grew between both groups. At one point, Teyla was even accused of being a Wraith spy when the wraith began to appear on every offworld mission. Several other Athosians were also interviewed during an investigation to discover how the Wraith knew where the team would visit. The necklace Sheppard found proved to be the culprit and Teyla was vindicated. The Wraith placed a beacon inside the necklace that was designed to be activated by someone with the ATA gene. It became active when Sheppard picked it up and returned it to Teyla.
The desire of the Athosians to move on to a home of their own forced Teyla to make a choice between continuing to lead her people and remaining with the expedition. Teyla chose to stay on Atlantis while her people moved to the mainland.
Teyla is a natural leader with good instincts. She has well honed skills in the martial arts, particularly in a form of stick fighting. She also excels at diplomatic relations and has helped Atlantis build trading relationships with the planets and peoples she knows. She is their guide to the life and cultures of the Pegasus Galaxy.
Teyla also possess the rare ability to sense the Wraith. After recurring nightmares, it is discovered that the Wraith experimented on several of her ancestors in an attempt to improve the feeding process by splicing Wraith and human DNA. The experiment was a failure as many of the humans developed the ability to hear Wraith telepathic communications. The humans were allowed to rejoin the rest of the population in hopes that the ability would diminish over generations. When other Wraith discovered the situation, they killed the entire populace, but not before some escaped to Athos.
Teyla learned her skill to sense the Wraith was only one part of her ability. She soon discovered she could not only eavesdrop on their thoughts and communications but could, under the right circumstance, invade the minds of the Wraith, even their queens. Unfortunately, the Wraith are able to turn her ability around and use it to control her body. Her ability allowed the Atlantis team to discover a wraith spy hiding within the city, and later on to take on a Wraith queen hiding on an Ancient drilling station deep beneath the surface of the Lantean ocean.
Kanaan, Torren's fatherAfter Weir disappeared and Carter was appointed Atlantis commander, Teyla took Atlantis' CMO to New Athos for routine inoculations, only to discover that the Athosians were missing. Devastated, she was forced to push an inexperienced Keller to the edge of her abilities in order to survive when they were hunted by the Bola Kai, a cannibalistic tribe she suspected were responsible. Despite learning later on that they weren't behind her people's disappearance, she remained determined to find them - particularly after discovering she was pregnant and her child's father was among those missing.
A famed seer named Davos from Vedeena soon visited Atlantis. He privately told Teyla that he was aware of her pregnancy and that the Athosians were alive, but he did not know where they were. Teyla, witholding her pregnancy from Sheppard and Carter for a time, was soon forced to reveal the truth to Sheppard, who took her off the team in response.
As her pregnancy advanced, Teyla realized her unborn son had inherited hers and his father's telepathic ability to tap into the Wraith telepathic network. His mind served to enhance her own abilities, allowing her to control a Wraith queen and rescue her teammates. Her abilities also allowed her to control a Wraith hive ship. But her brush with the strong mind of the Wraith queen and how close it got to her baby make her realise that Sheppard was right to take her off the team.
Having Kanaan come to her in dreams, Teyla was later led into a trap by Michael and captured. She learned that he was the one who kidnapped her people and turned many of them into Hybrids, her lover Kanaan included. Michael intended to use her son's genetic makeup to perfect his hybrids, created from his experiments on her people. She was later rescued by the clone of Dr. Carson Beckett, but was quickly recaptured by Michael and taken away.
Teyla, with Torren JohnLater on, while Michael's cruiser engaged the Daedalus, Sheppard, Ronon and McKay boarded the ship to find and rescue Teyla. While Sheppard and Ronon took out the hyperdrive, McKay was forced to deliver her baby boy. With Teyla's persistence, Kanaan was able to break through Michael's control and help everyone escape, getting away in a Dart while the Daedalus destroyed Michael's cruiser. It is speculated that Michael escaped on a cloaked puddle jumper, and while Woolsey, the new Atlantis Expedition leader, may be debonair enough to put the hunt for Michael on a back burner, Teyla cannot let it go as easily.

Weapons: Bantos rods, long stick and combat knife; SGC/Atlantis standard issue FN P90 submachine gun and 9mm Beretta pistol as sidearm; Wraith stunner and anti-Replicator gun on occasion.
Special Skills/Training/Abilities/Education: Teyla possesses the ability to sense the Wraith and given proper concentration can share a telepathic link with them. In addition, she is skilled in military strategy, martial arts, and Pegasus-galaxy diplomacy, and displays knowledge of and proficiency with Earth technology; she practices a form of stick-fighting and has taken up use of Earth weapons (such as a P-90) with great facility. She is in incredible physical shape and frequently practices martial arts against two or three opponents at once. Recently, USAF Major Kevin Marks (from the Daedalus) offered preliminary training to the ships' systems to Teyla and Ronon. Only Teyla accepted and can now man some of the consoles on the ship. She also has quite a nice soprano voice.

Medical History
Allergies: None known.
Injuries/Illnesses: Teyla is fit and seems to bounce back quickly from illness or injury.
·          Kirsan fever when she was eight, a common childhood ailment in the Pegasus Galaxy.
·          Due to her Wraith DNA, Teyla’s body doesn’t always react as expected.
·          Infected by a Nanite virus but ‘cured’ by an EMP wave.
·          Shot multiple times by Wraith stunners, and knocked unconscious by other means... but who hasn’t on Atlantis?
·          Along with Ronon, was steadily given increased doses of the Wraith enzyme by Ford and his men until she became dependent, and later experienced severe withdrawal but survived.
·          Exposed (as well as Ronon and several Taranans) to the poisonous gas and dust that the super-volcano on Taranis released and almost suffocated; however, there were apparently no long-term effects from this exposure.
·          Shot in the thigh by Major Leonard on M1B-129, while the man (and everyone else, except Teyla) were influenced by a mind-altering device created by the Wraith.
·          Experienced visions and excruciating headaches leading to loss of consciousness due to Lantea’s whale population trying to warn Atlantis of the sun’s upcoming and potentially catastrophic coronal mass ejection. She was well on her way to suffer a brain aneurysm but luckily it didn’t come to that, as the whales stopped their calls before she ran out of time.
·          Had a large sharp chunk of metal hit her and bury itself deep in her side following Dr. Hewston literally blowing up. An artery got nicked and she lost a great deal of blood but Beckett caught it in time and, after major surgery, made it all better.
·          An encounter with a Wraith queen at the bottom of the Lantean ocean left Teyla mentally drained after invading the queen’s mind for information and battling with her to keep her out of her own head. No lasting effects but we now know this type of telepathic link will take its toll.
·          Infected by some alien entity (unwittingly brought back to Atlantis by Sheppard from M3X-387) that afflicted her and others with terrifying nightmares.
·          Concussion - bashed in the head by hungry Bola Kai and Nabel Golan, posing as Genii on New Athos.
·          Given injections by Michael while pregnant and held captive by him. Their nature wasn’t established but it is likely they were supplements of some kind since harming her unborn wasn’t his objective.
·          Underwent a lengthy surgery to masquerade as a Wraith queen for Todd. Done by Dr Keller on her assurance that the procedure is completely reversible and will have no lasting ill effects.

Mental Health: Stable, despite sleep deprivation. Teyla is a firm believer in meditation.
Eyesight: 20/20
Hearing: Perfect
ATA Gene: No

(based on Scifipedia, Stargate Wiki and Wikipedia)
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